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Hi there, my name is JR Valentine, but most people online know me as operationSMITHEE.
I'm quite new to programming so this has been taking getting some used to. Right now, I'm trying to develop this webpage
to be fairly minimalist and straightforward, and make it as easy as possible for myself to update the site w content whenever
i see fit. This ranges from drawings, to generative art, to music, and other experiments if i ever get super deep into HTML
or even other languages!

Prior to building this website, I've been involved with graphic design, concept art, sound design, and music production since 2014 or so,
with content just rolling out in 2016. Slowly, but surely, I've been gaining consistency, as well as support for my work overtime. Most
of the people I know, as well as my general audience, typically know me from social media, but it all feels very scattered and disorganized.
Plus, social media sites aren't always garunteed to stick around, which is why having a website seems to have much more of an advantage.

Thus, as my aesthetics continue to branch out, it's only necessary I centralize all of my content thru one website,
something available to both friends and employers alike.


+ Rates for all media are hourly. I typically provide a quick sketch/mock-up of what will eventually be the final product, along with a cost estimate.
+ I will accept bargaining for lower prices but not below min. wage (roughly 7 per hour)
+ Let me know if you'd like a recording of the process sent as a time-lapse (compressed mp4) as well as screenshots as a heads-up in terms of where I'm at in the process.
+ Willing to VOLUNTEER for local organizing via on location or remotly contributing free media.
+ Also willing to contribute free media for products that are in the works, and especially if the concept[s] presented is rich enough to explore.
+ You don't need permission to use my VARIATIONS or SKETCHBOOK pieces in your work, as long as you give credit by linking to my website. COMMISSIONED pieces will require permission from the person[s] who requested them, since it's technically their IP.